Don’t Let A Dental Emergency Hurt Your 2019

How would you like to spend part of 2019 dealing with a dental injury? Obviously, this is not something people would hope for in the new year, or in any year. It is still worth noting that injuries still occur, and you may find yourself in need of emergency dental work at some point in the new year. You should know that your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to help patients who find themselves in situations like this. You can look forward to treatment that addresses the harm you experience, while also providing quality smile care.  (more…)

Treating A Cracked Tooth With Urgent Care

Is it time to panic when you crack a tooth? You can be understandably upset about the way visible damage impacts your smile, and you may be in pain from the injury. With that said, you can be relieved to know that your Prairie Village, KS dentist is ready to help you if you suffer an injury and need prompt care. Dental work to repair a cracked tooth can lead to a restoration to protect you against further structural harm. Care can also involve a treatment for the interior of your tooth, as injuries can sometimes result in infections that need to be addressed. In addition to acting quickly to deal with your injury, your dentist can offer support in the form of a lifelike restoration, so your smile still looks good. (more…)

What You Should Do About A Painful Dental Injury

It can be hard to know exactly when a cavity has formed on your tooth, because you may not feel the effects until it has progressed. When it comes to dental injuries, it can be considerably easier to know when – and how – the problem occurred. The big question that faces a person in this situation is what they need to do in response. If you suffer a painful dental injury, or an injury that damages or dislodges your tooth, you can count on emergency dental care from your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Seek treatment promptly, and take issues like damage and lingering pain as serious concerns. A problem you ignore can worsen, leading to more damage, or even the loss of your tooth! (more…)

Treating Your Emergency Dental Work As A Priority

Emergency dental issues refer to any problems that are, well, urgent. The word “emergency” leaves little doubt that the problem is serious, but you may worry about finding a dentist who shares that sense of urgency with you when something happens. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to bring in patients who experience problems that call for swift action. Addressing your discomfort, and stopping an active problem, can bring about valued relief. With that said, your problems may not be limited to the pain you feel – you can be understandably worried about your smile after an emergency situation. Fortunately, you can rely on modern care to provide work that helps you maintain the way you look.  (more…)

Saving Your Smile, Even If You Lose A Tooth To Injury

If your dental emergency leaves you with a lost tooth, or a tooth that feels alarmingly loose, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can take care to save it, and preserve your complete smile. Unfortunately, even when the proper care is taken to safely transport the tooth, the damage may make it beyond the point where your dentist can return it to its proper place. While this may be a worrying thought, you can be comforted by the knowledge that modern prosthetic dental care can offer a better, more attractive solution than you may expect. A dental implant can act as a replacement tooth root to hold your prosthetic, making it dependable for biting and chewing, and helping it fit in naturally with surrounding teeth. (more…)

The Use Of Modern Restorations During Emergency Dental Work

Emergency dental work ensures that your tooth injury is taken care of in short order – the access to care can be reassuring, but you may hold on to some concerns over your smile. Fortunately, when your Prairie Village, KS dentist offers urgent care, you can still enjoy access to the kind of modern restorations that fit in with your smile, while still serving as effective protection for a damaged tooth. In fact, you can even look forward to advanced support if you lose a tooth after an injury. With the help of a dental implant, a restoration can serve effectively as an artificial tooth. You can rely on this prosthetic support for biting and chewing functions, and feel confident in the way you look after it is placed. (more…)

What Can Happen If I Don’t Receive Emergency Dental Care?

If you injure your tooth, you can feel relief at the knowledge that urgent care is available from your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Going in for treatment means having a problem with pain or physical trauma addressed in a modern, caring environment. As a result, you can come away from your injury with a healthy, attractive smile. So what can happen if you choose to ignore a problem that may require urgent care? Untreated chips and cracks may worsen, depending on their severity, meaning more of your tooth structure becomes damaged. If you are trying to ignore persistent pain, you could be ignoring an infection that puts your tooth, and your oral health, in jeopardy. (more…)

Important Services That Can Follow A Dental Emergency

Your Prairie Village, KS dentist wants you to be cared for when you experience a dental emergency. When you think about the kind of problems that might require urgent care, you may imagine obvious physical trauma, or significant pain. These concerns can certainly demand prompt action, but you should know that issues like internal infections can also make emergency care important. Hopefully, you will never need to see your dentist for anything other than routine dental care. With that said, you can be more prepared for a problem when you know that your dentist is ready to help in the face of an emergency. (more…)

Saving Or Replacing A Tooth Lost Due To Injury

A serious dental injury can leave you with a tooth that feels loose, or one that is completely lost. Through the appropriate emergency dental work, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can address this problem. When you seek care promptly, it may be possible to save the tooth, depending on its condition. What you should know is that even if the tooth is not saved, your dentist can still preserve your complete smile. Modern prosthetic dental work that features the use of a dental implant can offer a remarkable degree of support. In addition to feeling confident in your ability to bite and chew, you can enjoy the way your prosthetic fits in naturally with surrounding teeth. (more…)

Quiz: Making Sure You Know How To Respond To A Dental Injury

A dental emergency that leads to clear signs of physical damage, or the loss of a tooth, can clearly call for professional dental care. With that said, you may be unsure of what, exactly, you can do to secure urgent treatment in a situation where you need it. You can be happy to know that your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to help in the event of a dental emergency. You can make arrangements for prompt care, so that a problem is swiftly addressed. Because your dentist offers modern restorative dental care, you can look forward to work that protects you against oral health troubles, while also preserving your appearance. (more…)