Month: April 2020

An Infected Tooth Can Feel Too Painful To Ignore

You may have no idea that a cavity has formed at first, but the problem can become difficult to ignore if your tooth becomes infected. An infection can lead to pain and sensitivity, which can impact your ability to comfortably eat or drink. The problem is not something that you want to ignore – over… Read more »

Protecting An Injured Tooth Before Emergency Treatment

Because our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office makes emergency dental appointments available, we can minimize the time you have to spend with an injured or aching tooth. Unfortunately, we have no way to teleport our patients to the office, so you will still have to find your way to our practice before a problem can… Read more »

Arrange An Emergency Treatment To Address A Lost Tooth

While any kind of tooth trauma is something to be taken seriously, few oral health problems can cause alarm like the loss of a tooth. The sight of a tooth after it has been knocked out can put you in a state of panic. Can it be safely put back in place? How can you… Read more »

Tell Your Dentist About A Lost Or Broken Dental Crown

Should you be concerned about the condition of your dental crown? You should feel confident that you can bite and chew while putting pressure on it, and that it is still firmly in position. If there is a problem with the crown, it can expose a vulnerable tooth that may suffer an infection or physical… Read more »

Should You Arrange Urgent Dental Care For Tooth Pain?

You may not know why you are experiencing so much tooth pain, but you are ready to admit that something feels wrong. If a tooth becomes painful or sensitive, it may be because you have a cavity that has led to a worrying infection. This problem can make it hard for you to bite and chew, and… Read more »