Month: February 2019

Dental Injuries Can Be Serious – Your Dentist Can Help

Injuries that lead to you suffering a chipped or cracked tooth can be frustrating, even embarrassing. After all, a conspicuously damaged tooth can be unflattering, and bring down the quality of your smile in a way that is difficult to ignore. With that said, the problem can be about more than just your looks –… Read more »

An Injured Tooth Can Have Its Appearance Restored

If a tooth is injured, you may have some understandable concerns about how it will affect your smile. While a molar or premolar can stay out of sight, damage to one of your front teeth can be difficult to hide. In the event you experience a dental injury, even a serious one, you should know… Read more »

Arranging Emergency Care If Your Tooth Is Knocked Loose

It can be scary to feel a loosened tooth in your mouth after an accident. While it may not be lost, you can be unsure of its health, and worried that it may fall out if you are not careful. You can also have some understandable concerns about the condition of the tooth after an… Read more »

Your Dental Injury Can Lead To An Infected Tooth

What happens when your tooth is injured, but not treated by your dentist? In cases where your injury leads to your pulp being hurt or exposed, you could develop an infection that threatens your oral health. When an infection occurs, you can start to feel bouts of discomfort and sensitivity, and it can be uncomfortable… Read more »