Month: June 2019

We Are Prepared To Help With Physical Dental Trauma

You can take several actions in the course of keeping your teeth in good health. By brushing and flossing, while also paying attention to your diet, you can significantly lower your risk for developing tooth decay, and needing restorative dental work. Of course, these steps – while effective against cavities – are not so effective… Read more »

We Make Dental Care Accessible During An Emergency Situation

During our office hours, our Prairie Village, KS dental practice is ready to provide an array of beneficial oral health services. In most circumstances, patients should be able to cover all of their needs by making an appointment, and arriving at the scheduled time for whatever treatment they might seek. However, there are circumstances where… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Not Ignore A Possible Dental Emergency

If you ignore a possible problem at your work, you can be reprimanded by your boss, and find yourself with a difficult mess to clean up later. If you ignore signs of bad weather, you could have picnic ruined by rain. When the consequences of ignoring problems are clear, it should be easy to see… Read more »

Exploring What Your Options Are During A Dental Emergency

What kind of care is REALLY available to you if you suffer a dental emergency? Can you count on your dentist to welcome you on short notice? Will emergency care consist of simply addressing pain, or can you and your dentist discuss the restorative dental care you require to fully manage a problem? Our Prairie… Read more »