Month: July 2021

Stopping Your Severe Tooth Pain

When someone experiences severe tooth pain, they may have a hard time waiting to arrange treatment. To put an end to your discomfort, you can set up an emergency dental appointment with your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office. When you arrive, we can find the cause of your discomfort, and that can lead to treatment… Read more »

When Dental Problems Require Urgent Care

Should you be in a hurry to plan a dental treatment? Routine care can occur semiannually, and your dentist can talk to you about treatment times if problems are identified at one of these visits. In cases where you experience physical tooth trauma, or when pain becomes difficult to ignore, we can make your care… Read more »

Replacing A Badly Hurt Tooth

If your tooth is badly hurt in an accident, or if you start to experience worsening problems with pain because of an infection, you should make a point to see your dentist as soon as possible. Unfortunately, even when you schedule an emergency dental visit, you may find that the health of your tooth has… Read more »

How Do I Protect A Loosened Tooth?

If your tooth is knocked loose, your response will be important. By protecting it in its vulnerable state and arranging treatment on short notice, you can avoid losing it, which means you prevent problems that call for prosthetic treatment. To make it easier for patients to see their dentist on short notice, we want patients… Read more »

Why We Provide Urgent Dental Care

When you have no concerns about your smile, you can easily wait to see your dentist at your next semiannual dental exam. However, when you believe something is wrong, or when you suffer an injury that damages your smile, waiting will obviously be difficult. What can you do when you need to schedule treatment as… Read more »