Month: April 2023

Swift Care For Your Infected Tooth

woman with molar ache

If you have constant pain in one of your teeth that will not go away, this can be a sign of a bacterial infection that requires professional treatment. Because an untreated tooth infection risks spreading throughout other parts of your body, seeking emergency care not only relieves your pain but can prevent serious additional harm… Read more »

Treating Your Knocked Out Tooth

Senior man in pain holding compress to face

Any injury to one of your teeth can be frustrating, but a knocked-out tooth can cause a particularly unique set of concerns! Your loss is likely the result of a painful, traumatic event that may disrupt your ability to think clearly when you need treatment most. This means having a plan for who to contact… Read more »

Direct Service For A Dental Emergency

Man in white shirt on blue background

Because you generally do not expect an injury to one of your teeth, this event can be rather upsetting. Whether from a painful infection or physical trauma, it can be difficult to think straight at this time. But by having a plan for who to contact, you can reduce your frustration during a dental emergency…. Read more »

Emergency Care For A Tooth Infection

Man holding toothache in bed

If you experience a consistent ache in your tooth that does not resolve on its own, it may indicate a dangerous infection. Because time is of the essence when responding to a dental emergency, seeking immediate treatment can lead to valuable relief. When physical trauma or tooth decay exposes the inside pulp of your tooth… Read more »