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We Can Provide Emergency Care If You Lose A Tooth!

Few dental injuries are scarier than ones that involve tooth loss. While it is possible to safely return a tooth to its socket, and avoid dealing with prosthetic dental work, this is not always possible. Our Prairie Village, KS dental practice provides emergency dental services, so you have support in a situation where you are… Read more »

Safely Extracting And Replacing A Badly Damaged Tooth

In cases of dental injuries, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will attempt to save a tooth from being lost. In many cases, emergency dental work can preserve a tooth, and allow your complete smile to stay intact. Unfortunately, some injuries are just too severe for this to be an option. If you find yourself in… Read more »

Attempting To Save A Tooth Knocked Out By An Injury

It can be quite scary to see a tooth come loose, or become completely dislodged, after you experience an injury. On top of your discomfort during a dental emergency, you can feel alarm at thoughts of how a missing tooth can change your appearance, and make routine functions like biting and chewing more difficult. Because… Read more »

Saving Your Smile, Even If You Lose A Tooth To Injury

If your dental emergency leaves you with a lost tooth, or a tooth that feels alarmingly loose, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can take care to save it, and preserve your complete smile. Unfortunately, even when the proper care is taken to safely transport the tooth, the damage may make it beyond the point where… Read more »