Attempting To Save A Tooth Knocked Out By An Injury

It can be quite scary to see a tooth come loose, or become completely dislodged, after you experience an injury. On top of your discomfort during a dental emergency, you can feel alarm at thoughts of how a missing tooth can change your appearance, and make routine functions like biting and chewing more difficult. Because injuries, particularly those that involve tooth loss, can require urgent care, your Prairie Village, KS dentist makes emergency dental care a priority. You can schedule an appointment to see if the tooth can be saved, or find out how a lifelike prosthetic can restore your smile.

Taking Prompt Action To Seek Treatment For A Tooth That Is Loosened Or Lost

In a situation where your tooth is seriously loosened, or completely removed, you will need to make treatment a priority if you want to save it. If you can, try to safely return the tooth to its socket. If you are not able to do this, take care to keep it moist. Avoid touching the tooth anywhere but the crown (the area that resides above your gum line).

What If My Tooth Is Lost And Cannot Be Saved?

If your tooth cannot be saved, your dentist can talk to you about planning the placement of a dental prosthetic. Dental implants make it possible to hold replacement teeth firmly, so that they can be more supportive when you bite and chew, and more comfortable generally. Other benefits of a dental implant-held prosthetic include:

  • Your implant’s presence can actually help to prevent shifting and movement of neighboring teeth roots.
  • You can count on your restoration to stay in place without having to modify neighboring teeth to place a dental bridge.
  • Your tooth can stimulate your jawbone, which can help preserve the health of the bone.

Understanding The Value Of Emergency Dental Services

Hopefully, you will never need to learn firsthand what your dentist can do for you when you need emergency services. With that said, you should make yourself aware of what to do in the event of an injury, as it can make the process of seeking care easier. You can count on swift treatment if you need to address a problem that causes regular discomfort, or if you need to do something about visible trauma. The restorative dental care provided during your visit can restore your tooth’s health while also avoiding any cosmetic problems.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Help You Deal With A Tooth Knocked Out After An Injury

If you find yourself in need of treatment after your tooth is seriously loosened, or completely lost, Robert M Browne, DDS is prepared to help. Our practice is proud to take care of patients in and around the Prairie Village, KS area when they need routine care, and when an urgent oral health matter arises. To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.