Month: June 2020

Treat An Injured Tooth Before There Are Complications

In the event of a dental emergency, you can contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist to arrange the appropriate restorative dental treatment. This can be a relief for anyone who finds themselves with a chipped, cracked, or otherwise hurt tooth and wants to restore their smile as soon as possible. While it can feel good… Read more »

Let Your Dentist Know You Need To Replace A Broken Crown

Is a problem with a dental crown really an oral health priority? After all, the crown is only a restoration covering a tooth, not the tooth itself. While it might be nice to simply shrug off a potential oral health problem, a damaged or lost crown is not something to take lightly. A restored tooth… Read more »

Tips For Easing Dental Pain Before Your Emergency Procedure

Because patients at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office have access to emergency dental services, they can enjoy relief from painful problems with minimal delay. With that said, we understand that tooth pain can become a severe distraction, one that can make it difficult for some people to even drive themselves to their appointment! Until… Read more »

A Tooth Injury Can Lead To More Problems Than You Realize

You can have little trouble deciding that you need to see your dentist after an injury leaves you in severe pain, when your enamel is badly broken, or when a tooth has completely been lost. People who experience these problems can be relieved when setting up an emergency dental appointment. While these problems can be… Read more »