Month: September 2021

Treating Patients With Dental Emergencies

In those moments where you have serious dental pain, or in the aftermath of a physical injury that affects your smile, it can be reassuring to know that your dentist is prepared to help you. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we want our patients to be aware that our office is here for… Read more »

We Offer Help During Dental Emergencies

There are certain situations that can call for a dental appointment as soon as possible. You can feel an urgent need for treatment after a physical injury, particularly when you are at risk for losing a tooth. You can also have a pressing need for care if you have a persistent or severe toothache to… Read more »

Emergency Dentistry And Your Appearance

If you need to see your dentist about a potential oral health emergency, your first priority can be treatment to stop pain you are feeling. With that said, even as you try to manage your discomfort, you may have concerns about the impact your tooth trouble will have on your smile. You can be happy… Read more »

Emergency Services For An Infected Tooth

How quickly can you see your dentist when you think you have a problem with an infected tooth? This kind of oral health issue is not one to take lightly, and it can be a tough one to ignore. In fact, it may be difficult for you to focus on much aside from the discomfort… Read more »

When A Toothache Persists After An Injury

A tooth injury can be upsetting even when there is no visible damage to your enamel. You can be understandably worried if you have pain that persists after physical trauma. If your discomfort does not subside after a short time, it could be a sign that internal damage has occurred, which will worsen and put… Read more »