Month: November 2018

Saving Your Smile, Even If You Lose A Tooth To Injury

If your dental emergency leaves you with a lost tooth, or a tooth that feels alarmingly loose, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can take care to save it, and preserve your complete smile. Unfortunately, even when the proper care is taken to safely transport the tooth, the damage may make it beyond the point where… Read more »

The Use Of Modern Restorations During Emergency Dental Work

Emergency dental work ensures that your tooth injury is taken care of in short order – the access to care can be reassuring, but you may hold on to some concerns over your smile. Fortunately, when your Prairie Village, KS dentist offers urgent care, you can still enjoy access to the kind of modern restorations… Read more »

What Can Happen If I Don’t Receive Emergency Dental Care?

If you injure your tooth, you can feel relief at the knowledge that urgent care is available from your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Going in for treatment means having a problem with pain or physical trauma addressed in a modern, caring environment. As a result, you can come away from your injury with a healthy,… Read more »

Important Services That Can Follow A Dental Emergency

Your Prairie Village, KS dentist wants you to be cared for when you experience a dental emergency. When you think about the kind of problems that might require urgent care, you may imagine obvious physical trauma, or significant pain. These concerns can certainly demand prompt action, but you should know that issues like internal infections… Read more »