How Do I Avoid Causing More Harm To A Chipped Tooth?

If your tooth is already chipped, you can have a valid fear that it might become even more damaged over time. After all, its condition has already been compromised by damage. Further trauma could cause more problems for its shape and appearance, or allow a crack in your enamel to develop. Because our teeth are limited in how they heal, it is important to make sure that dental injuries are properly treated by your dentist. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to supply emergency dental work for our patients when they chip, crack, or otherwise injure teeth. The sooner you have a tooth worked on, the sooner you can be sure that it is not vulnerable to further harm! (more…)

Arranging Urgent Care For Your Injured Tooth

You can be free of problems with your oral health, and confident in your dental care regimen, until you experience a tooth injury. Trauma can put you in an unpleasant situation – instead of having nothing to worry about, you now want to arrange a trip to your dentist as soon as possible. You can be happy to know that if you find yourself in this situation, your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to help. Our practice provides emergency services to patients who experience tooth injuries. After contacting us and explaining what has happened, we can make sure you have access to treatment in the shortest time possible. (more…)

How Do I Safely Bring My Dislodged Tooth To My Dentist?

The sight of your tooth outside of your mouth can be a jarring one. For many people, an injury that results in tooth loss is a cause for panic, which can make it harder for them to focus on safely recovering it and bringing it to their dentist. You can be happy to know that if you ever find yourself in this situation, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can make time to see you for prompt emergency dental work. To improve your chances of having a dislodged tooth put back in place, you should be prepared to safely transport it. Carrying it properly will be important, as you can buy more time where it can still be saved. (more…)

Can I Arrange Same-Day Care For My Dental Emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, can you really count on treatment in a timely manner? You may have heard that your dentist offers a “prompt” response to a problem like tooth trauma, but will they be able to act in time to save a badly damaged or dislodged tooth? Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is committed to providing valuable care on short notice. If you have an emergency, you can reach out to us at any time to set up your treatment. We understand that problems can occur at inconvenient times, but we also understand how painful a dental injury can be, and how alarming it can be to have a tooth that has come loose or been knocked out. (more…)

A Cracked Tooth Can Become Infected If It Is Not Treated

How much concern should you feel over a cracked tooth? The problem can be a serious one, and may justify scheduling an emergency dental procedure. Your tooth can continue to hurt after an injury that damages your enamel, or it can become worryingly sensitive. These are symptoms of an infection, something that can lead to serious consequences if not dealt with in time. Because our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to see you on short notice if you crack a tooth, we can make sure there are no issues with infection, and fully restore your tooth, before those consequences arise. (more…)

How Can I Tell If My Dental Problem Is Really An Emergency?

After a physical injury, your tooth looks fine, but the pain is starting to concern you. Should you treat this as an emergency? What about a situation where your tooth is chipped or cracked, but you feel relatively comfortable? When it comes to identifying something as a dental emergency, be careful about talking yourself out of prompt care. A problem that seems manageable can worsen over time, leaving you in pain or with a tooth in poorer health. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we are ready to help you if you need a swift response to a dental injury. We can work quickly to restore the appearance and health of a tooth that has been damaged, or take care to re-insert a tooth that has been loosened or lost in an accident. (more…)

Emergency Dental Work After Tooth Loss – What To Expect

If you injure yourself and lose a tooth as a result, it can be easy to recognize the situation as a dental emergency. However, identifying something as an emergency and knowing how to respond can be two different matters! One thing you should know is that your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to provide urgent dental care to patients when they might require it. You should also know that it may be possible to restore your lost tooth if treatment is provided in time. Even if the tooth cannot be saved, we do offer restorative dental work that can lead to its effective replacement, and the restoration of your complete smile. (more…)

A Tooth Injury Can Be Painful And Scary – We Can Help

Some oral health problems, like tooth decay, can occur and worsen gradually over time. While it is important to take these problems seriously, it can be easy to recognize the threat without experiencing panic over what might happen to your smile, as the appropriate restorative dental work can be scheduled and provided. While it is hardly surprising to learn that your dentist provides cavity treatment, you may be unaware of what they can do for you if you experience a dental injury. Physical trauma can be sudden, and the combination of pain and concern over your broken tooth can make focusing on treatment difficult. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist understands how this experience can be upsetting, and you should know that our practice is prepared to meet with you on short notice if you experience a tooth injury! (more…)

Can Emergency Dental Work Also Restore My Smile?

If you are in need of emergency dental care, it can be hard to think about anything besides the discomfort you are in. With that said, an injury that results in a tooth being broken, loosened, or knocked out can leave you upset at the thought that your smile may be permanently altered. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to take on dental troubles you experience, even if you require care on short notice. While it may be hard for you to focus on your cosmetic needs when you arrive, you can happy to know that your dentist is prepared to address an injury with a modern restoration that replicates the look of your natural tooth. (more…)

We Can Offer Prompt Care If Your Tooth Is Cracked Or Broken

Cracking a tooth, or breaking a portion of it, can expose you to an infection that puts your oral health in jeopardy, and causes notable pain. While these are concerns that you should take seriously, many people have a more immediate concern – in addition to causing pain, dental damage can seriously hurt your smile! At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we recognize just how serious it can be when a person experiences a dental injury. Because of this, we are ready to deliver emergency oral health care when it might be required. (more…)