Don’t Let A Dental Emergency Ruin Your Day

Prairie Village, KS, dentist offers emergency treatment

Preventive measures like a consistent oral hygiene routine and regular checkups at the dentist can help protect your smile from many problems. However, accidents or injuries can still happen that may require urgent care. Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, can help treat concerns like broken teeth, severe cavities, and many other problems. Addressing these concerns promptly can help prevent more serious harm from occurring.

Staying Prepared For An Emergency

It’s important that you know what to do if you harm your smile. That way, you can stay calm and guide yourself through the problem. First, you’ll need to identify the type of harm that has occurred. If you have broken a tooth, rinse the area with water and keep the tooth if you are able to do so. If it has been knocked out, minimize bleeding with gauze or cloth. These types of injuries may cause discomfort, so take pain-reducers as instructed. Then, call your dentist to schedule an appointment and ask for further instruction while you wait. Our team will do their best to get you in for urgent care in the same day.

You may be tempted to ignore the problem or let it heal on its own. Emergency dental work can seem intimidating and time-consuming. However, if you ignore the injury, you will likely need more extensive care in the future to repair the worsened harm. If you are experiencing a tooth-related injury, it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible for treatment. Issues like a cracked tooth can spread larger and may result in an infection or total loss of your dental structure. Losing a tooth can make it difficult to perform regular functions like eating and speaking.

We Can Restore Your Smile

When you come in for your emergency appointment, the dentist will examine the area to assess the damage. This will help them create an efficient treatment plan. Each patient and situation is different, so this will be unique to your needs. After cleaning the area and examining your smile, restorative options can be discussed.

Dental crowns are commonly used to address chips, cracks, or fractures on your pearly whites. This will take two appointments to measure the area and then place the cap. The crown will be created to blend in with your smile and restore the area. If you have lost one of your pearly whites in an accident or emergency extraction, replacement options may be offered. This could include a bridge, dentures, or implants, depending on your needs.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Team

Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, is here when you need urgent smile care. To schedule an emergency visit, call us at 913-901-8585.