Month: January 2024

Moving Forward After A Dental Emergency

Harming your smile can throw a wrench in your plans. Although this can be frustrating, your dental team in Prairie Village, Kansas can guide you through this so that you can be back in optimal health. Whether you need an emergency extraction, need to repair a broken tooth, or need to replace one of your… Read more »

Emergency Extraction Can Save Your Smile

If you have harmed one of your pearly whites, there are several methods available to restore the area and help you recover. Chipped teeth can be repaired with a crown and a knocked-out one can be replaced with a prosthetic. However, sometimes the best option is to remove a severely damaged tooth. Although this is… Read more »

What To Do When Your Tooth Feels Loose

When it feels like you are about to lose one of your pearly whites as a child, this can be an exciting part of growing up. However, if this happens when you have all of your permanent dentition, it can be cause for concern. Dr. Browne and his staff in Prairie Village, Kansas, can help… Read more »

Handling Urgent Dental Care

Dr. Browne and his team can help you during a dental emergency

Even when you do your best to take care of your pearly whites, accidents can still happen. That’s why Dr. Browne and his team in Prairie Village, KS, are dedicated to helping you during urgent dental situations. It can be scary to chip or lose a tooth or have a severe toothache. Here is what… Read more »