Month: September 2022

Should I Seek Care Because My Tooth Hurts?

When you keep feeling pain in your tooth, it can be hard to shake the feeling that something is wrong. Pain that feels severe or that does not subside on its own can be a consequence of a severe cavity or injury, it can call for timely care to prevent serious complications and more discomfort…. Read more »

Timely Care For Serious Oral Health Issues

A potentially serious problem with your smile should not be taken lightly. Ignoring warning signs of trouble in hopes that nothing is really wrong can have long-term consequences, as your oral health can worsen and create new complications. That can mean losing a tooth that is in a vulnerable state, or it can mean letting… Read more »

Promptly Reacting When Your Tooth Is Loosened

While it may be less scary than having a tooth completely leave its socket, a partially dislodged tooth is a certainly cause for concern. It can be worrying to observe how it feels loose, and you can be understandably concerned that it could soon be completely dislodged. Fortunately, access to emergency dental services can prevent… Read more »

Tips For Responding To A Dental Injury

When the right actions are taken, a potentially serious problem with a dental injury becomes easier to manage. In addition to making pain easier to deal with, the right support can help you prevent complications, even when it appears that you are at risk for losing your tooth! One thing to remember is that a… Read more »

Can Your Dentist Help During An Emergency?

Keeping up with regular dental exams will help you maintain a healthy mouth, which means you are less likely to need help with different issues like gum disease and dental decay. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who are committed to preserving their smile. Part of that support comes from… Read more »