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Emergency Dental Work For A Broken Tooth

Breaking a tooth can be surprising, painful, and alarming all at once. Our teeth are strong enough to hold up against significant bite pressure. Unfortunately, when injuries do occur, they can create immediate issues with your smile and oral health that should be addressed as soon as possible. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office understands… Read more »

Emergency Work That Restores Smiles

There are different priorities that patients bring to routine oral health appointments. However, when someone comes in for urgent services, they can maintain a tighter focus on matters like the restoration of a broken tooth and a stop to active pain. This does not mean you have no reason to wonder how your smile will… Read more »

When You Experience A Dental Emergency

When you take care of your smile and consistently schedule dental exams, you can feel confident in your ability to avoid potential problems. While the right approach to oral hygiene helps with many different issues, one concern remains—the bad luck to suffer a dental injury! Accidents can happen, and they can leave us with teeth… Read more »

Prompt Care Can Protect A Broken Tooth

The shock and immediate discomfort you feel when you break a tooth can be understandably hard to ignore. However, you should not take too long to react, as the more time you wait on care, the more likely you are to face complications. You should know that patients of Dr. Browne are encouraged to reach… Read more »

Urgent Care For Your Loose Tooth

After an injury, it can be alarming to feel that a tooth has come loose. Even if it still partially in its socket, it can be apparent that it is vulnerable to being lost. The time it takes you to seek treatment for this problem can mean the difference between saving it and needing it… Read more »

Can You Book Dental Care On Short Notice?

There are times when you can comfortably wait for your next routine dental exam, but there are some circumstances where you may need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If you need care in response to an injury or the onset of dental discomfort, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help you!… Read more »

Worried About Dental Damage? We Can Help!

A dental injury can cause several problems for you. In addition to hurting your smile, the problem can create problems for your oral health that put you at risk for losing your tooth! This can certainly be worrying, but when you know your dentist can help, you can feel less concerned about what to do… Read more »

Tooth Damage After A Meal? We Can Help

Ideally, a nice meal will end with conversation and your check. It is safe to consider a meal that ends with a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth less than ideal, but this is a situation people sometimes find themselves in. Fortunately for patients of Dr. Browne, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to… Read more »

Emergency Work For Your Infected Tooth

There are different reasons why people need to seek restorative treatment for their dental health. Cavity issues are frequently the cause for alarm, but there are times when physical injuries need to be dealt with. Our Prairie Village, KS dental practice is here to help when trouble requires treatment. In situations where physical trauma or… Read more »

We Offer Prompt Care For Cracked Teeth

What steps should you take to treat a tooth that has been cracked? A physical injury that affects your smile can feel difficult to manage. In addition to causing you discomfort, the harm can leave you vulnerable to more structural damage as well as a potential infection. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we… Read more »