Month: January 2021

Can Treatment After A Dental Emergency Save Your Smile?

When you go to the dentist because of a dental emergency, you can have more on your mind than just addressing the pain you feel. While treatment for discomfort and oral health problems is certainly important, you can also understandably have concerns about your appearance. Injuries that chip, crack, loosen, or completely knock out teeth… Read more »

Why Some Emergency Treatments Include Tooth Extraction

The value of emergency dental care is in its ability to both shorten your time in pain and lower your risk for losing an injured tooth. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to meet with patients on short notice when they have urgent problems. Because of this, we can tend to damaged teeth,… Read more »

Repairing A Broken Tooth At An Emergency Dental Visit

After you break your tooth, you should make a trip to the dentist’s office your priority. An injury that is severe enough to damage your enamel should not be taken lightly. This can affect your appearance and bite function, and in time you can develop an infection! Dr. Browne wants patients to know that they… Read more »

Unable To Bite Down Because Of Pain? Call Your Dentist!

When tooth pain stops you from biting and chewing any foods that provide meaningful resistance, you should take the matter up with your dentist. That concentrated pain or sensitivity can stem from an infection, and your problems can grow worse if you wait too long to arrange restorative dental treatment! Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s… Read more »