Month: February 2023

Quickly Treating Your Dental Emergency

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Time is of the essence when addressing injuries to one or more of your teeth. While certain problems, such as a painless cavity, can be treated at your routine checkups and cleanings, you should seek immediate treatment for severe dental emergencies. Sudden issues with physical trauma and painful infections can compound damage when not addressed… Read more »

Caring For Different Dental Emergencies

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Because a dental emergency can happen at any time, understanding the symptoms that require swift treatment can expedite receiving care. Severe damage to one of your teeth can greatly impact your ability to enjoy life when speaking or at mealtime and the effect on your appearance can be quite disruptive. It is important to seek… Read more »

Responding To A Knocked Out Tooth

Suddenly losing a tooth due to injury can be a rather painful and traumatic event. In addition to the great discomfort these situations cause, dental emergencies can lead to future oral health complications when they are not treated on time. Knowing who to contact when one of your teeth is knocked out can mean the… Read more »

Preparing For A Dental Emergency

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Preparing for emergencies can provide confidence when navigating scary situations. Accidents that affect your teeth can happen when you least expect, and knowing who to call can relieve onset panic while dealing with unanticipated dental pain. Time is of the essence when seeking treatment, so put together a plan to manage an emergency scenario. Your… Read more »