Month: November 2020

Make Dental Work A Priority If You Lose A Filling Or Crown

Losing a dental filling or dental crown means losing necessary protection for a tooth. Until this problem is addressed, your bite function can be compromised, and you can be vulnerable to damage or an infection. Fortunately, you can set up an appointment to have this problem addressed on short notice, as our Prairie Village, KS… Read more »

Act Quickly If You Need Treatment For A Cracked Tooth

While teeth are kept safe from harm by their outer layering of enamel, injuries can and do occur. If your tooth cracks, you need to be concerned about a possible infection as well as for the potential for more physical damage to occur. By waiting to have the problem treated, you make your risk for… Read more »

Will I Ever Smile Confidently After Injuring My Tooth?

A tooth injury can be embarrassing as well as painful, as a visibly broken or lost tooth can be a big problem for your appearance. Because of this, people who suffer physical dental trauma can wonder how this experience might permanently change the way they look in addition to hurting their oral health. At our… Read more »