Month: March 2023

Responding To Your Dental Emergency

Man pointing finger to tooth

When you experience a dental emergency, identifying the signs that require immediate treatment can lead to appropriate relief. Physical trauma and severe infection of a tooth can bring your life to a screeching halt. Simple activities such as eating and speaking can bring serious pain, and damage to your tooth can have an unnerving effect… Read more »

When Your Tooth Is Knocked Out

concerned woman on pink background

Losing one of your teeth to a physical injury can be quite a shock! While this traumatic situation causes great pain and disorientation, tooth injuries can cause significant health complications when treated in a timely manner. By knowing who to call when something knocks out your tooth, you can reduce the amount of time it… Read more »

Emergency Service For A Tooth Injury

A serious man

When you experience a dental emergency, time is of the essence to provide proper care. Knowing the symptoms that require immediate treatment can potentially help you save an injured tooth. While certain dental problems, such as a small cavity, can be treated at routine checkups, you should contact us right away for physical trauma and… Read more »

Emergency Service For Tooth Infection

woman in white shirt holding mouth

When you lack discomfort or serious visible changes to the appearance of your teeth, you may have little need to attend the dentist outside of your routine cleanings. But when you find yourself in great dental pain, knowing how to seek swift treatment can bring valuable relief and mitigate additional damage. A bacterial infection can… Read more »