Month: February 2022

Protecting Teeth Before Emergency Care

When you know your dentist is here to help during a dental emergency, a problem with severe tooth pain or dental damage can feel less scary. With that said, you can still have questions and concerns about how you can protect your smile until you arrive for treatment. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can… Read more »

When A Dental Emergency Affects Your Smile

Your smile can be your distinguishing feature. Even if it is not what captures people’s attention immediately, it is difficult to overstate its prominence and value when it comes to your overall appearance. This is part of what makes good dental care so valuable—when you practice the right habits and keep up with preventive dental… Read more »

Addressing Loose Or Uncomfortable Restorations

Dental restorations are put in place so that vulnerable teeth remain safe from harm after treatment. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can provide lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns after treatments for cavities and dental injuries that provide long-term support as well as cosmetic benefits. We are also ready to step in… Read more »

Urgent Care Can Save Vulnerable Teeth

When your tooth is cracked or broken, or when it is left loose or completely dislodged after an injury, it can be hard not to worry that it cannot be saved. Unfortunately, our teeth can be badly hurt to the point where they need to be replaced, even when emergency services are provided. With that said, urgent… Read more »