Month: August 2022

Emergency Care Can Preserve Your Smile

If you turn to your dentist for emergency treatment, how much can you really expect to gain from care? Beyond simply addressing your oral health needs, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can take on a threat to your well-being while also making the preservation of your smile a priority. During your urgent treatment, we… Read more »

Useful Information About Emergency Dentistry

Is every oral health issue a priority? When it comes to smile care, there are problems that you can experience and actually fail to observe. This is why regular dental visits are beneficial; they provide routine opportunities to have your smile evaluated so that issues like dental decay are caught and properly addressed. With that… Read more »

Learning Why Your Tooth Is In Pain

If you start to feel pain in a tooth, you can be understandably worried. If the problem is severe enough to interfere with your bite function and plans for the day, you can be concerned enough to seek the next available dental visit. Fortunately, this is something made easier by your access to emergency dental… Read more »

Promptly Caring For A Loose Or Lost Tooth

The feelings of shock and fear that accompany a potential lost tooth can be hard to shake. Fortunately, you can receive important support in a timely manner, as our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office provides emergency services for patients. When you have a tooth that feels loose, or one that is completely out of socket,… Read more »