Month: December 2019

Don’t Panic! Our Dentist’s Office Can Provide Urgent Care

If you experience a dental emergency, it can be hard NOT to feel at least a little panic set in, particularly if your tooth is damaged or lost. While this is certainly a distressing experience, you can count on your Prairie Village, KS dentist to make sure the problem is properly and promptly addressed. We… Read more »

Tips For Supporting A Dislodged Tooth After An Injury

What should you do with a tooth if an injury knocks it completely loose from your smile? Is there any hope of having it returned to its proper position, and if so, what can you do to make a successful recovery more likely? One important thing to understand is that your tooth can only be… Read more »

Is Your Dentist Ready To Help You During An Emergency?

When you see a professional for any service, you should feel confident that they can deliver the support you require. When it comes to oral health care, our Prairie Village, KS dental office is prepared to help you manage your dental health under normal circumstances, and when you experience a dental emergency. Access to emergency… Read more »

Managing Discomfort After A Dental Injury

When patients at our Prairie Village, KS dental office require emergency dental care, they can count on us for prompt support. Being able to secure dental care on short notice can make saving a dislodged or badly damaged tooth more likely, and it can mean spending less time in discomfort. Of course, even with access… Read more »