Month: January 2020

Can Emergency Dental Work Also Restore My Smile?

If you are in need of emergency dental care, it can be hard to think about anything besides the discomfort you are in. With that said, an injury that results in a tooth being broken, loosened, or knocked out can leave you upset at the thought that your smile may be permanently altered. Your Prairie… Read more »

We Can Offer Prompt Care If Your Tooth Is Cracked Or Broken

Cracking a tooth, or breaking a portion of it, can expose you to an infection that puts your oral health in jeopardy, and causes notable pain. While these are concerns that you should take seriously, many people have a more immediate concern – in addition to causing pain, dental damage can seriously hurt your smile!… Read more »

Protecting Your Injured Tooth Before A Dental Appointment

Because your Prairie Village, KS dentist is able to meet patients and provide emergency dental care, you can enjoy prompt treatment when a tooth is injured or in pain. With that said, even if you have arranged same-day treatment, you still have to worry about your problem tooth until you arrive for care. What can… Read more »

An Untreated Dental Injury Can Lead To Infection

You may wish you could just put the problem behind you, but you should be careful not to ignore a dental injury! If your tooth is cracked or broken, or if you have problems with pain after the incident, you may have a bigger oral health concern on your hands than you realize. There is… Read more »

We Want Patients To Know They Have Access To Emergency Care

If you hurt your tooth, or even lose it, your first instinct may be to panic. This is understandable – on top of causing potentially serious pain, a dental injury can leave your appearance altered in a significant way. Hopefully, you never have to go through this experience, but if you do, you should know… Read more »