Month: July 2022

Keeping A Cracked Tooth Safe From Infection

If you want to avoid complications after hurting your tooth, it is important that you seek care as soon as possible. When dental enamel is cracked, or when another kind of physical, you become vulnerable to further physical harm as well as infection. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can make this easier for you… Read more »

Our Response To A Dental Emergency

If your tooth is aching or physically harmed, what can you do to secure timely service? The already stressful experience of a dental emergency can feel even more frustrating when you are not sure what support is available to you. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help you avoid this difficult experience, as we… Read more »

Treatment For An Urgent Dental Issue

There are times when patients will schedule care to discuss specific oral health concerns, as well as times when they come in simply because they are due for another oral health exam. However, there are some scenarios where dental work is urgently needed. Are you able to see a professional in a timely manner if… Read more »

When Injuries Lead To Tooth Loss

Any dental injury that results in tooth trauma or lingering pain can be cause for concern. With that said, few problems with your oral health can feel as urgent as one that leaves you with a partially or completely dislodged tooth. This is one scenario in which a patient might find themselves in need of… Read more »