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Tips For Responding To A Dental Injury

When the right actions are taken, a potentially serious problem with a dental injury becomes easier to manage. In addition to making pain easier to deal with, the right support can help you prevent complications, even when it appears that you are at risk for losing your tooth! One thing to remember is that a… Read more »

Urgent Care For Your Loose Tooth

After an injury, it can be alarming to feel that a tooth has come loose. Even if it still partially in its socket, it can be apparent that it is vulnerable to being lost. The time it takes you to seek treatment for this problem can mean the difference between saving it and needing it… Read more »

We Offer Prompt Care For Cracked Teeth

What steps should you take to treat a tooth that has been cracked? A physical injury that affects your smile can feel difficult to manage. In addition to causing you discomfort, the harm can leave you vulnerable to more structural damage as well as a potential infection. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we… Read more »

Toothache Treatment Without A Wait

A toothache can prove to be more than just a nuisance, or an obstacle in your efforts to bite and chew food. It can be a warning that your oral health is affected by a potentially serious threat, and a sign that you may be at risk for tooth loss if you do not schedule… Read more »

Responding To A Dental Injury

Dental injuries may not be the result of poor oral hygiene or an unhealthy diet, but they can certainly create the kind of trouble that calls for attention from your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Physical damage will leave you vulnerable to problems with your smile as well as issues with your bite function and dental… Read more »

Addressing Loose Or Uncomfortable Restorations

Dental restorations are put in place so that vulnerable teeth remain safe from harm after treatment. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can provide lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns after treatments for cavities and dental injuries that provide long-term support as well as cosmetic benefits. We are also ready to step in… Read more »

Prompt Restorative Work For Injured Teeth

Your regular semiannual dental exams play an important role in protecting your smile. Under normal circumstances, you should be able to wait six months for your next appointment without any trouble. Unfortunately, unexpected issues can occur between your last checkup and your next one. For instance, you can experience an alarming tooth injury, or you… Read more »

Providing Dental Work On Short Notice

You may typically only see your dentist for a new checkup every six months, but there are times when you can require an appointment in the shortest time possible. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office wants our patients to know that we are here for them in these situations. If you are in need of… Read more »

Lost Dental Crown? We Can Help!

Losing your dental crown means losing necessary protection for a vulnerable tooth. In other words, this can be a serious oral health issue, something that you should not put off treating. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can provide prompt care by welcoming you for emergency dental work. By making support available on… Read more »

Tooth Knocked Loose? See Your Dentist!

While it may not be quite as alarming as having a tooth completely knocked out, having a tooth feel loose after an accident can certainly be upsetting. Will there be a way to save it? How much time do you have to see your dentist before you have to worry about complications? Will it be… Read more »