Responding To A Dental Injury

Dental injuries may not be the result of poor oral hygiene or an unhealthy diet, but they can certainly create the kind of trouble that calls for attention from your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Physical damage will leave you vulnerable to problems with your smile as well as issues with your bite function and dental health. Unfortunately, letting the problem go untreated can lead to more complications, particularly when a tooth is no longer securely in its socket. You can reach out to our office when you need to see Dr. Browne on short notice. Through emergency dental services, we help patients recover sooner from active problems, which means they regain their smile and oral health before there are further complications that must be dealt with. In addition to making a difficult experience less stressful, this can lead to success with more conservative restorative care.

You Should Seek Care As Soon As Possible When Your Tooth Is Injured

The sooner you can reach out to seek dental treatment, the sooner you can make sure that your troubles will be addressed before there are real complications. Our practice makes emergency oral health services available to those who need us on short notice. This reduces the risks that complications might occur, such as infection or further damage to your enamel. It also means you spend less time in pain, embarrassed by your smile, and/or unable to bite and chew properly.

Planning Treatment To Restore A Chipped, Cracked, Or Broken Tooth

The restorative dental work we provide for a physical injury will focus on both protecting the tooth and fully dealing with the consequences of damage. That may mean performing root canal therapy, which will address internal issues that can arise from either an infection or physical trauma. For dental work on teeth that are more visible when you smile and speak, we can provide dental crowns that actually match your healthy tooth structure.

When A Broken Tooth Needs To Be Extracted

Teeth that are severely hurt, or already knocked out of their socket, may need to be replaced instead of restored. The good news is that in the event that this happens to you, we will provide options for prosthetic treatment that address cosmetic and functional concerns. With a restoration held by a dental implant, we will be able to provide lasting stability for your tooth, more support for neighboring teeth, and even protection against jawbone deterioration, which is a consequence of tooth loss.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Is Ready To Help With Your Dental Injury

Through emergency treatment for a dental injury, we can promptly resolve problems with your smile and oral health. To find out more, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.