We Can Provide Emergency Care If You Lose A Tooth!

Few dental injuries are scarier than ones that involve tooth loss. While it is possible to safely return a tooth to its socket, and avoid dealing with prosthetic dental work, this is not always possible. Our Prairie Village, KS dental practice provides emergency dental services, so you have support in a situation where you are at risk of permanently losing a dislodged tooth. We can make sure that you are seen promptly, and receive quality treatment on short notice. If it is not possible to save your tooth, we can talk to you about a lifelike dental restoration that will give you back your complete smile!

Saving Your Smile After You Lose A Tooth In An Injury

Tooth loss can make biting, chewing, and even speaking feel awkward and difficult. On top of these functional concerns, you will also have to worry about the impact that tooth loss might have on your appearance! During emergency dental care, our goal is to restore your smile while performing the most conservative degree of restorative work possible to provide a successful treatment.

Will It Be Possible To Save My Dislodged Tooth?

If your tooth is dislodged, you should attempt to safely clean it with warm water, only handle it by its root, and transport it in a small container with milk. Because we can offer treatment on short notice, you have a better chance of having it successfully returned. With that said, the damage to your tooth may leave it in a state where it cannot be restored, even if it is properly handled, and the matter is promptly addressed. In a case like this, you and your dentist can discuss prosthetic dental work. With a dental implant to support it, a lifelike restoration can provide cosmetic and functional value.

Our Emergency Services Can Restore Your Oral Health, And Your Smile

When patients arrive seeking emergency care, our goal is to make sure they are swiftly treated, and to do everything possible to restore their smile! In cases where a tooth is seriously damaged, loosened, or lost, we will attempt to save it, or provide a durable and attractive replacement if necessary. If you have superficial damages, we can check to confirm that the tooth is still in good health, and discuss your options for cosmetic dental work!

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Offer Emergency Care If You Lose A Tooth!

At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, Dr. Browne is prepared to see patients who experience dental emergencies! If you find yourself in this situation, you can reach out to let us know what happened, and to set up care. We are also prepared to offer ongoing preventive dental services, and routine treatment for cosmetic and oral health troubles. To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.