How Do I Protect A Loosened Tooth?

If your tooth is knocked loose, your response will be important. By protecting it in its vulnerable state and arranging treatment on short notice, you can avoid losing it, which means you prevent problems that call for prosthetic treatment. To make it easier for patients to see their dentist on short notice, we want patients to know that our office does arrange emergency services. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to see individuals on short notice when there is something wrong – because of this, we can reduce your risk of losing a tooth to physical damage, and we can shorten the time you have to endure discomfort from an oral health concern.

Act Quickly If Your Tooth Is Knocked Loose

We often think about dental injuries as experiences that leave us with damaged or dislodged teeth. In some circumstances, people can find themselves worrying over a tooth that remains intact but feels loose and insecure. Be careful not to disturb it, as you could loosen it further and have it come out completely! While you can try to gently press it back in place with your tongue, you should make treatment with your dentist the priority. Because our office provides emergency oral health services, we can see you on short notice and address the issue before there are complications.

What To Expect From Emergency Dental Treatment

When you schedule your emergency dental appointment, we will offer suggestions to help you protect an injured or vulnerable tooth and manage discomfort, and we will prepare for your arrival. After you reach our office, Dr. Browne can perform a review to see what kind of help you need to resolve the issue in question. Our goal is to find the most conservative restorative dental treatment option. In other words, if your tooth is loose, we will determine whether there is any way to keep it in place and fully restore your oral health. In the event that this is not possible, we can make plans for prosthetic treatment that will restore your appearance as well as your dental well-being.

We Can Help You Fully Restore Your Smile After An Injury

Whether your tooth is broken, loosened, or lost, you can count on your emergency care to fully restore your smile. For enamel damage, we can recommend cosmetic or restorative services that preserve your dental function and also keep you from experiencing problems with your bite function or health. In the event that we have to replace a tooth, we can make plans to provide a dental implant-held restoration that supports your bite function, preserves your jaw health, and generally preserves your smile.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Protecting Your Loosened Tooth

A loosened tooth is not a problem that you should take lightly. If you need to seek treatment on short notice for this or any other issue, please call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.