Emergency Dental Work For A Broken Tooth

Breaking a tooth can be surprising, painful, and alarming all at once. Our teeth are strong enough to hold up against significant bite pressure. Unfortunately, when injuries do occur, they can create immediate issues with your smile and oral health that should be addressed as soon as possible. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office understands that this and other kinds of dental trauma can be hard to deal with, which is why we want patients to know that we are here for them during dental emergencies. We can work with you on making sure your smile is promptly cared for, and from there we can make sure that the problem is fully addressed. Our goal during restorative work of any kind is to find the most conservative solution that can offer lasting benefits for your health and appearance.

Can A Broken Tooth Be Saved?

The threat an injury poses to your tooth can vary. Minor harm may be treatable with cosmetic services, but more significant damages can require more advanced treatment. Once you come in for an evaluation and care, we can let you know what we can do for you. One thing to remember is that putting off an appointment can leave you susceptible to complications that raise your risk for permanently losing your tooth!

Emergency Services Can Make Your Experience With Dental Trauma Easier

It can be a relief to know that your dentist can see you on short notice to address physical trauma. We can prepare for your arrival when you reach out and let us know what has happened. We can also offer guidance on managing pain and protecting lost tooth structure. When you arrive, Dr. Browne will assess what kind of care you require to save your broken tooth. We may need to include root canal therapy in plans to save your tooth, as serious injuries can lead to infection.

When A Broken Tooth Cannot Be Saved

Based on the health of the tooth and the amount of damage that has occurred, we may not be able to save it. The good news is that a broken tooth can be replaced with a dental implant-held appliance that offers cosmetic and functional benefits. After carefully removing the unhealthy tooth, we can start plans to give you back your complete smile.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Restoring A Broken Tooth

Serious dental injuries can be painful and scary, but it can be easier to respond to this kind of issue when you know your dentist is prepared to help you on short notice. If you would like to learn more about our commitment to emergency oral health services, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.