When Dental Work Is Urgently Needed

What happens when you simply cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment to see your dentist? When you deal with something like serious dental pain, or you experience an injury that leaves a tooth broken, loose, or lost, you should know that you do have access to emergency care through our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office. Our practice is aware that problems sometimes arise with little advance warning, and that they require attention as soon as possible. After making arrangements to see you, we can determine what kind of service you need so that your oral health and smile are fully restored!

Our Office Can Help Patients On Short Notice

At our practice, we want our patients to know that we will be there for them if they experience a potentially serious oral health problem. By contacting us to let us know you need emergency oral health services, we can make arrangements so that we can promptly take care of you when you arrive. Dr. Browne will determine what your care should involve after providing an evaluation of the matter. Even if you need advanced restorative treatment, we can take care to make your support as conservative as possible to minimize changes to your tooth structure.

Arriving For Your Emergency Dental Work

When you arrive, you will undergo an evaluation so that we can determine what state your tooth is in, and what kind of care you might need. Physical trauma that leads to chipping or cracking of enamel can sometimes be addressed through cosmetic services, but many injuries will call for treatment with dental crowns. If we are concerned about potential infection issues from your injury, we can also provide root canal therapy.

Prompt Care Can Still Take Care To Preserve Your Smile

Our restorative services can preserve your appearance even when you need to see us on short notice. For teeth that are prominently featured in your smile, we can provide dental crowns that imitate your enamel to offer cosmetic benefits. Even in a situation where you need to have an injured tooth extracted and replaced, we can provide a prosthetic appliance that preserves your appearance.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Is Here To Help If You Have An Urgent Need For Dental Work

There are times when a person needs dental work as soon as possible. In those moments, our practice can certainly help! Dr. Browne can provide urgent treatments in situations where patients experience dental injuries, problems with pain, and other concerns that might call for prompt care. If you would like to learn more about our emergency services, or if you have questions about the general care that we provide, please call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.