Responding To Knocking Out A Tooth

concerned woman holding head

Whenever you have a sudden dental emergency, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure how to seek treatment. By considering this event ahead of time and putting together a response plan, you can regain your composure when responding to injuries such as knocking out a tooth. While this traumatic event is generally unexpected, receiving prompt care can make the difference between keeping and losing your tooth. Try and keep a clear head and return the missing piece to its socket until you can visit us to perform a proper repair. By getting ahold of an emergency dentist, we can relieve pain and help maintain the integrity of your smile.

At your Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we are standing by to help you in your time of need. When you have a dental emergency, we can help you stem any bleeding and evaluate the extent of your damage. By placing our number in your phone, you can call us right away the moment an emergency strikes. Call us within or outside of office hours no matter the time. We will counsel you on what to do to prepare as you venture to our office. By paying attention to our instructions, we hope to increase the odds of saving your natural tooth.

Recovering Your Knocked-Out Tooth

When a sudden injury knocks out one of your teeth, try to remain calm. Collect the tooth and rinse it under water to clear any debris. Attempt to return it to its socket and close your bite to hold it in place temporarily. If it will not hold steady within your mouth, place it into a container of milk or salt water bath for safe transport to our office. Remember to never touch a loose tooth by its roots. Instead, hold it by its crown to prevent further damage. For this or any other injury, if you believe it to be life-threatening, head straight to your local emergency room or call 911 before seeking dental care. A dental implant and crown can return a lifelike tooth to your open socket.

Cosmetic Repairs For Tooth Injuries

After restoring your knocked-out tooth to your mouth, it may have damage from the emergency event. We can discuss cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding to repair the enamel and restore its appearance. In instances where we are unfortunately unable to replace the tooth in your mouth, we can discuss prosthetic restorations to complete your smile.

Call Us Right Now To Respond To Your Dental Emergency

Time is of the essence when responding to a knocked-out tooth. To learn more about how we treat this and other emergency dental conditions, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585. Our office is located on the southwest corner of 75th and State Line at the Crossroads of Prairie Village, Waldo, Brookside, Mission Hills, Leawood, and Overland Park.