Prompt Care For Significant Tooth Pain

You have time to fit a regular dental visit into you schedule, as these appointments take place at regular six month intervals. However, when you have a potentially serious problem with your oral health that is causing you persistent pain, you can have trouble waiting to meet with your dentist. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we provide emergency oral health services when our patients need to meet with us on short notice. If you are struggling with persistent dental pain, or if you have problems with a loose or broken tooth that require prompt support, we are ready to help!

Tooth Pain Can Become Difficult To Ignore

Simply put, you can have trouble going about your daily routine if you are struggling with a severe toothache. This is more than just a nuisance—your discomfort can also put you ill at ease because you worry it might be a sign something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately, when you have significant or persistent discomfort, it can point to potentially severe issues that will require restorative services. The good news is that when you think you have a dental emergency, you can reach out to our practice and arrange the right services!

Meeting With Your Dentist To Treat A Toothache

Dental aches and pains should not be taken lightly. To manage the problem before you reach our office, you can use ice or a cold compress at the site of your discomfort; over the counter pain medicines can also prove effective. When you arrive, we will take care to closely evaluate you and see what the source of your pain is. From there, we can provide the necessary restorative dental services. This can include root canal therapy, a procedure that deals with infections and other problems within the tooth structure that jeopardize a person’s oral health.

The Connection Between Tooth Pain And Cavities

How likely is it that your tooth is in pain because of a cavity? Your dentist will need to evaluate you to see what the issue is, but you should know that severe decay can lead to persistent discomfort as bacteria start to gather in, and attack, your pulp. Because this is the space where living tissues and nerves are housed, you can certainly have an unpleasant time with tooth pain before care is provided. The good news is that when you have regular dental exams, you can avoid the kinds of advanced cavities that lead to this issue.

Reach Out To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist If You Have A Severe Toothache

Serious tooth pain is certainly not something that is easy to ignore. If you are starting to worry that you have an oral health issue, or if you are not able to ignore the discomfort any longer, we can help! To learn how we can provide emergency dental services, please call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.