Can My Dentist Put My Dislodged Tooth Back In Place?

A dislodged tooth can send you straight to the dentist’s office for restorative dental care. Patients at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can arrange emergency dental work in the event that they lose a tooth or suffer another form of trauma affecting their smile. It is possible for treatment to save the lost tooth and preserve a person’s full smile. With that said, the time it takes you to schedule treatment, and the care you put into handling the dislodged tooth, can affect your chances of having it put back in place. Even if the tooth cannot be saved, we can still make your smile complete against by providing prosthetic dental work.

Carefully Handling A Dislodged Tooth

You need to exercise caution when handling a lost tooth. One thing to avoid is any contact with its roots – make sure you only handle the portion that always resides above the gum line, which is referred to as the tooth’s crown. If the tooth touches the ground and picks up dirt, be gentle when washing it, and leave organic tissues in place. To protect the tooth against drying out before you can arrive for treatment, you can carry it with a small container of milk.

Emergency Care Can Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

Because our patients have access to emergency dental care, they are less likely to suffer tooth loss after an injury! Dr. Browne can welcome you on short notice and closely evaluate a tooth that is knocked loose, completely dislodged, or damaged. Restorative dental work to save a tooth may include root canal therapy, as well as the restoration of the tooth with a custom dental crown. Dental crowns that are needed for front teeth can be made to imitate healthy tooth enamel, which makes preserving your smile easier.

What Will Happen If My Tooth Is Past The Point Of Saving?

If there is not a way for us to save your tooth, Dr. Browne can instead work to restore your complete smile by providing prosthetic dental work. A prosthetic treatment will give you back your full smile, improve your bite, and reduce your risk for losing more teeth. By planning treatment with a dental implant, we can permanently secure a tooth in place, preserve your jaw health, and better support your bite!

Lost A Tooth? Dr. Browne Can Help You!

In the event that you have a tooth knocked loose, or knocked out completely, reach out to schedule emergency dental work with Dr. Browne! At your appointment, we will work to preserve your smile and oral health by addressing damage. We can also offer emergency care if you experience the worrying onset of advanced tooth pain. To find out more, call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.