Can I Schedule Emergency Care For Severe Tooth Pain?

In the event that you develop severe tooth pain, you can find it hard to continue enduring your discomfort while you wait for a dental appointment. Fortunately, when you have an issue like this, you can let our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office know and arrange an emergency appointment to discuss your oral health. At that visit, Dr. Browne can determine why you are experiencing so much pain before recommending the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Waiting on treatment can be a bad idea even if you feel that you can tolerate the pain for a longer period of time. That discomfort could be connected to an issue with an advanced infection, one that will eventually make it necessary to extract the tooth if care is not provided!

Tooth Pain Is Not A Problem You Want To Ignore

Tooth pain that becomes a consistent issue can be linked to a problem with an advanced cavity or physical injury. Both of these issues can lead to buildup of bacteria in the tooth, resulting in a painful infection that causes you to struggle with pain and sensitivity. Over time, your infection can also cause problems with swelling, and may cause your tooth’s color to change. There is a limited amount of time to have this problem addressed before bacteria spread far enough, and do enough harm, to make an extraction your only treatment option.

Arranging Your Emergency Visit

When you feel that you have a potentially serious oral health issue, reach out to our practice and let us know what is happening. We can offer tips to help you dull your discomfort on your way to see us, which can make your trip easier. Once you arrive, you can have your tooth examined by Dr. Browne to see what might be responsible for your pain. If the issue is related to an infection, we can perform root canal therapy to stop the issue from growing worse. Once this is done, we can make sure the tooth is properly restored so that it stays safe and healthy.

Your Treatment Can Restore Your Oral Health And Smile

In addition to making sure that your tooth is healthy and protected against further problems, we can provide you with a restoration that preserves the way you look. Dental problems that affect your front teeth – those that are easier to see when you speak and smile – can be treated with lifelike dental crowns. Made from materials like porcelain, these crowns can imitate the look and hue of your healthy enamel so that they do not appear distinct from neighboring teeth.

Talk To Dr. Browne If You Struggle With Tooth Pain

Dr. Browne is ready to take care of patients who experience problems with tooth pain! If you think you may need to see someone promptly because of discomfort, call our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.