Is A Dental Injury Affecting Your Ability To Bite And Chew?

If you try to ignore a problem with tooth pain, your quality of life can suffer. Chronic pain can be a problem at any time, but it can be particularly frustrating to have pain when you try to eat. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we are prepared to address problems with pain and sensitivity, even when they are serious enough to require treatment on short notice. In fact, we do encourage patients to let us know when they think a problem calls for urgent care, as we do provide emergency dental services. At your appointment, we can address the cause of your pain and perform any necessary work to fully restore your tooth.

Tooth Pain Can Intrude On Your Quality Of Life

Tooth pain can make a person dread every meal or snack. While brief bouts of pain can sometimes be attributed to sinus troubles, pain that lingers should be taken as a serious oral health threat. Letting a problem go untreated can lead to your discomfort worsening, and it can even result in the loss of a tooth! It should be noted that sensitivity, or pain that you only feel while biting and chewing, should be regarded as serious concerns. These problems, like an issue with persistent pain throughout the day, can be a warning that something serious is wrong with the tooth.

Could Tooth Pain Be A Symptom Of Something Serious?

A severe, persistent, or steadily increasing tooth pain can be a warning that your tooth is infected and in need of root canal therapy. A problem with infection is something that should be addressed as soon as possible. When the matter is ignored, it can lead to the spread of infection as well as to the loss of a tooth! At your emergency appointment, your dentist will take the time to determine if you need root canal therapy for an infection. If so, it can be performed, and your tooth can then be restored with a dental crown to keep it safe.

What To Expect During Emergency Treatment

An emergency dental appointment can be arranged whenever a patient feels that their oral health problem requires urgent attention. The type of care provided will depend on the condition of your tooth – if necessary, we can respond with advanced work to save a tooth, or even move forward with plans to replace a tooth that cannot be saved.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Help You With Your Injured Tooth!

If you are having trouble biting and chewing because of pain, or if you are experiencing pain that has you concerned about the overall health of your tooth, we can help! To learn more about our emergency dental services, call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.