Seeking Treatment For A Damaged Or Lost Dental Restoration

As long as a dental filling or dental crown is securely in place, a tooth that has undergone restorative dental work can stay safe. Fillings and crowns are designed to provide long-term support, as the protection a tooth requires is always going to be needed. What this means is that if a restoration is lost at any point, it is cause for alarm. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to take care of patients who need to do something about a lost or broken restoration. We can even set up an emergency dental appointment to make sure that the tooth is protected again in the shortest time possible. This prevents potential complications from occurring, and it can make it easier for you to bite and chew without discomfort.

Seek Prompt Treatment If You Have A Problem With A Filling Or Crown

A problem with a filling or crown should NOT be ignored. If you do try to simply disregard this problem, you can do more harm to your tooth, interfere with your natural bite function, and put yourself at risk for infection. Attempting to simply “work around” a problem tooth can put stress on your jaw joints and muscles, and there is still a chance you could accidentally bite down on the wrong tooth and make your problems worse.

Caring For A Tooth In Need Of A New Restoration

Once you are in the office, we can take a look and see what needs to be done to re-restore your tooth. If a filling is lost, it may not be a good idea to simply put another one in its place. If the tooth’s condition has worsened, a crown can be required as a replacement. While a loose crown might be something that can be saved, it is important that we are sure that your tooth is supported. Signs of damage, or issues with the security of the crown, can point to the need for a replacement.

We Can Also Check On The Health Of Your Tooth

If your tooth is left in a vulnerable state by the loss of a filling or crown, problems may occur that have to be addressed. In addition to being at risk for physical damage, there is a chance that the tooth’s health could worsen after an infection forms. If this does occur, root canal therapy may be necessary as part of your treatment.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About A Damaged Or Lost Restoration

If you lose a restoration, or if you have a filling or crown that appears loose or broken, make sure you deal with the matter promptly. Dr. Browne is prepared to offer emergency treatment to address these issues and make sure your tooth is safe! To learn more, call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.