A Cracked Tooth Can Become Infected If It Is Not Treated

How much concern should you feel over a cracked tooth? The problem can be a serious one, and may justify scheduling an emergency dental procedure. Your tooth can continue to hurt after an injury that damages your enamel, or it can become worryingly sensitive. These are symptoms of an infection, something that can lead to serious consequences if not dealt with in time. Because our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to see you on short notice if you crack a tooth, we can make sure there are no issues with infection, and fully restore your tooth, before those consequences arise.

A Tooth Injury Can Lead To Serious Problems

Your enamel does more than just keep teeth in good condition despite the constant friction of biting and chewing. This hardened material also protects us from an infection that can attack the interior of a tooth and create issues for us. When your tooth is cracked, bacteria can infiltrate the space and cause an infection to occur. When bacteria enter your tooth, they can attack the living tissues housed within and cause you pain. If the bacteria are not dealt with, they can spread further by traveling through the roots of a tooth and infecting new areas!

We Can Bring You In If You Have A Dental Emergency

An injured tooth can be a cosmetic problem as well as a potential oral health risk. By scheduling emergency dental work, you can see to it that the matter is dealt with in the shortest time possible. We will thoroughly check on the condition of the tooth to see what kind of care might be required. To protect you from internal problems, we can arrange a root canal procedure before moving on to restore it.

Restoring Your Appearance While Caring For Your Injured Tooth

If your tooth injury proves to be superficial, we can address the visible damage with a porcelain veneer, or through a bonding procedure. However, if you need more support to protect the tooth, we can make plans to secure it with a dental crown. Dental crowns can be made to match the look of a natural tooth, so you do not have to worry about your appearance after care. You can also count on the crown to protect the tooth from further harm while supporting its ability to absorb bite pressure.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Can Restore Your Cracked Tooth

At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, individuals who experience problems with a cracked tooth can reach out to us for care. We can arrange an emergency visit if necessary to make sure a problem is dealt with before there are alarming complications. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Browne’s office in Prairie Village at 913-901-8585.