What Will Happen If My Injured Tooth Can’t Be Saved?

If your tooth is badly injured, it is important that you seek professional dental treatment as soon as possible. While the damage may look severe, in many cases an injury does not result in the loss in a tooth. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, our patients have the opportunity to contact us and arrange emergency dental care if they experience a dental injury. While these urgent appointments often lead to a damaged tooth being saved, some injuries are too traumatic for a tooth to be saved. In these cases, we can arrange the safe extraction of the tooth, and we can provide you with a lifelike dental prosthetic that improves both your appearance and dental function.

Prompt Care Can Help Save A Tooth From Being Lost

If you want to save an injured tooth, you need to reach out to arrange restorative services as soon as possible. Unless the damage to your tooth occurs in an accident that requires prompt general medical attention, you should make emergency treatment your priority after an injury. By addressing internal problems with a root canal procedure, and restoring your tooth with a dental crown, it is possible to provide treatment that leaves a tooth in place. If your dentist examines your smile and determines that this is not possible, we can discuss next steps in order to fully restore your smile and oral health.

If Necessary, We Can Extract And Replace A Badly Injured Tooth

If saving a tooth is not possible, we can arrange care in the form of a safe tooth extraction before planning prosthetic dental work. By having a professional remove the tooth, you can ensure that the process is done safely, and that there are no complications you will have to worry about. A successful extraction can ensure you are able to move forward with planning the placement of a restoration without frustrating delays.

Making Sure Your Smile Is Fully Restored

Even if our practice is not able to save your tooth during emergency care, we can provide treatment to fully restore your smile. Dental implants make it possible to keep an artificial tooth secure without affecting neighboring teeth. These posts even help stimulate your jawbone, and prevent complications from tooth loss. Because we take care to only place custom restorations, you can count on receiving a prosthetic tooth that fits comfortably, and offers cosmetic support.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Deliver Urgent Care For Injured Teeth

At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, Dr. Browne recognizes the importance of emergency dental services in situations where a tooth is damaged, or in noteworthy pain. Because of this, we provide our patients with access to urgent care whenever they might require it. To find out more, or to learn more about the general services that we also offer, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.