Make Time To See Your Dentist After Cracking Your Tooth

You should take a problem with a cracked tooth seriously, as the problem can actually worsen over time if it is not treated. You can be happy to know that in the event you experience an injury like this, our Prairie Village, KS dental office does offer emergency dental care! We can make sure your tooth is examined as soon as possible, and we can offer tips for protecting the tooth and managing discomfort before you arrive. Receiving attention on short notice can put a stop to pain, and ensure that the tooth is successfully restored. We can determine what might be needed to protect your injured tooth, and we can determine if additional care, like a root canal procedure, might be needed.

A Cracked Tooth Can Be A Big Oral Health Problem

If your tooth is cracked, it could be exposed to a worrying bacterial infection. In order to make sure that this is not an issue, your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation when you come in for emergency care. If there is a concern about infection, a root canal procedure can save your tooth by removing damaged tissues and unwelcome bacteria. Once this is done, we can move forward with properly restoring your smile!

We Can Provide You With An Emergency Treatment If You Suffer Dental Damage

Issues with dental damage sometimes call for prompt treatment. If you are in a situation where you might benefit from seeing someone as soon as possible, we can bring you in for emergency care. During your appointment, the goal will be to put a stop to your pain, fully restore your oral health, and make sure your tooth is effectively restored. It should be noted that an injury that leaves you in pain may not be able to heal on its own. In fact, pain that continues to be a problem can actually be a sign that the problem is more severe than you might realize, and that a prompt visit could be beneficial.

What Will Your Smile Look Like After Emergency Treatment?

Because we rely on modern dental restorations in treatments, our patients can expect to see their lovely smile in the mirror after care is provided! If you have a visible dental injury, a dental crown made from porcelain or zirconia can avoid any questions of whether your restoration might attract unwanted attention. If it is found that your crack is only superficial, we do offer cosmetic dental services that can improve the way you look.

See Dr. Browne About Your Cracked Tooth!

Our Prairie Village, KS dental practice is ready to help you restore your smile if you crack your tooth! Dr. Browne is proud to make emergency services available to patients, and ready to handle your oral health troubles. To learn more about our office, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.