Does It Hurt To Bite Down After An Injury? See Your Dentist!

Sometimes, a dental injury can be serious even if it does not cause noticeable damage. After hurting a tooth, you should pay attention for signs that something might be wrong, as an unresolved issue can lead to unpleasant complications. One issue to watch out for is pain when you bite and chew. That sensitivity can be a sign that you need restorative work for your tooth, before its condition worsens. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we can take care of an injury so you have no long-term oral health concerns. We are also ready to help you if require emergency treatment for your dental troubles!

Pain After A Dental Injury Should Concern You

Problems with biting and chewing can be a problem for several reasons. One concern is that your ability to practice a natural bite protects you against strain on your jaw joints, which can lead to chronic pain over time. Your natural bite is also good for evenly distributing the friction created when you bite and chew, so you are not overusing particular teeth. Of course, if you change your bite because of tooth pain, the pain itself is certainly cause for alarm! If you have persistent discomfort after injuring your tooth, it may have suffered internal damage that should be addressed by your dentist.

What Can You Expect From Emergency Dentistry?

If you schedule emergency dental care because of dental pain, or a dental injury, the first priority is to restore the health of the affected tooth. If there are signs of infection, you can require a root canal treatment to address the matter. After this is performed, you can receive a dental crown for support. With a custom crown in place, you should once again be able to bite and chew without any problems!

Your Dental Restoration Can Preserve Your Appearance

A dental restoration can offer more than just a return to good biting and chewing movements! If you have to have treatment performed on an injured tooth, and worry that the treatment will change your smile, you can have an appearance-friendly dental crown put in place! An appearance-friendly crown can be made from porcelain or zirconia. These materials can expertly imitate your natural tooth structure, so you do not have to worry about your smile appearing unnatural after its placement!

Talk To Dr. Browne To Set Up Treatment After A Dental Injury

If you have experienced a dental injury, and now experience discomfort when biting and chewing, Dr. Browne is ready to help! Our practice can work with you to restore the condition of an injured tooth, and make sure its treatment does not affect your smile. We can even deliver quality care in a situation where you need emergency dental work! For more information, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.