What To Expect After Your Emergency Dental Work Is Completed

When you go in for an emergency dental appointment, you can be eager to have ongoing discomfort addressed, and you can be understandably concerned about the condition of your teeth. While your immediate needs can be on the forefront of your thoughts, you may wonder what to expect after you complete your necessary restorative dental work. How will your smile look after you have any needed restorations put in place? If you need prosthetic dental work, can you count on that work to provide more than just smile support? Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to provide emergency dental care that has lasting value, so you will not have to worry about an injury or other issue leading to long-term problems.

Your Dentist’s First Goal Is To Address Your Oral Health

When you need emergency dental work, your dentist’s first goal will be to make sure any oral health issues you are experiencing are addressed. That can involve the performing of a root canal treatment to address internal problems, or the extraction of any tooth that is simply too damaged to save. While subsequent care can focus on your smile and dental function, this initial care can be important for preventing matters from growing worse.

Modern Dental Care Can Offer More Attractive Restorative Work

Modern dental restorations can be made to closely match the look of your natural teeth, so that you feel at ease with your appearance once work is completed. Having a modern dental crown placed over a tooth that is chipped or cracked can ensure that your smile is not changed by the treatment experience. Modern prosthetic appliances are also able to closely match the look of your smile, so you will not have to worry about them exhibiting an artificial appearance.

You Should Feel Confident In Your Appearance, And Dental Function, After Emergency Work

The work your dentist completes can provide you with confidence in the way you look, but it also offers important functional support. When you bite down with a dental crown, or a prosthetic held in place by a dental implant, you should find that you have enough support to engage in normal dental functions. The goal for emergency dental work may start with the need to address your oral health needs, but the end result should lead to the kind of improvements that help you feel normal, and comfortable with your dental function.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Help Patients Who Need Emergency Dental Work

Dr. Browne is proud to provide patients with quality emergency dental work when they need it. If you find yourself suffering from a problem with a tooth injury, or significant dental pain, our practice is ready to help! To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.