What Can Happen If My Tooth Is Loose After An Injury?

A loosened tooth can be less upsetting than a tooth that is badly broken, or even totally dislodged, but it can still cause some understandable concern. If you experience dental trauma, and notice that your tooth feels worryingly loose, you can take advantage of your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s emergency dental services. When you reach out to schedule your appointment, you can discuss the condition of your tooth for guidance on what to do until your appointment. Our practice takes care to make emergency situations a priority, so you can receive attention as soon as possible.

Your Dentist Takes Dental Injuries Seriously

Dental injuries can lead to big problems for your smile, and your oral health. If a tooth is badly loosened, sore, or showing signs of physical damage, you can be understandably alarmed that you are at risk of losing it. By taking a look at the problem as soon as possible, and performing the necessary treatment to restore your smile, your dentist can limit the unpleasant effects your injury might have on your well-being and appearance.

Receiving Modern Restorative Dental Work After An Injury

Modern restorative dental work is capable of addressing injuries and other dental problems without changing your smile. If your tooth is hurt, it may require the permanent support of a dental crown. If you are worried what that crown’s placement might do to your appearance, you can be happy to know that lifelike restorations are available. A crown made from porcelain, or one made from zirconia, can provide protection while also fitting in ideally with neighboring teeth.

Taking Steps To Restore Your Smile If Your Tooth Cannot Be Saved

If a tooth injury is too severe, or if the tooth is dislodged and is not treated in time, your emergency can leave you with an incomplete smile. However, that does not mean there is nothing your dentist can do to improve your appearance and oral health! Dental bridges and dental implant-supported restorations can serve as permanent replacements for your damaged tooth. These prosthetic appliances are strong enough to stay in good condition even as you apply biting and chewing pressure to them. An implant-held restoration can even help keep your neighboring teeth stable.

Dr. Browne Can Take Care Of Your Injured Tooth If It Feels Loose

You can be understandably frightened of the effect an injury might have on your smile if you feel a loose tooth. Dr. Browne is ready to help patients who find themselves in need of emergency dental care. You can set up your visit, and make sure the problem affecting you is fully dealt with, and that your appearance does not suffer as a result of your emergency. To learn more about our practice, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.