Pain After A Dental Injury? Have Your Dentist Take A Look

Dental pain can be an unpleasant reason to see your dentist, but it can certainly be an important reason to seek care. If you feel pain after a dental injury, you can count on your Prairie Village, KS dentist to see you promptly, and determine what needs to be done to address your tooth properly. Being concerned about the state of your smile after damage, particularly when the damage results in pain, can be a sign that your tooth needs work performed. You could have an internal problem that puts your tooth in jeopardy!

Persistent Pain After An Injury Can Be A Sign Of Trouble

A lingering or pronounced degree of pain after a dental injury could be a warning that your tooth’s pulp was harmed. This inner chamber holds the nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth alive. If you ignore the matter, there is a chance that you will develop an internal infection, which can cost you your tooth! By taking your concern to your dentist, you can have a root canal treatment performed, which can save your tooth from potentially grave consequences.

Dental Pain Is A Concern, Even If You Don’t Know The Cause

Not every issue with tooth pain has a clear cause. If you are alarmed by an aching tooth, but are unsure why you are in such discomfort, you should bring the matter to your dentist’s attention as soon as you can. You may have suffered a crack that allows your tooth to become infected, or you could have a problem with a cavity. Your dentist can evaluate you, determine the problem, and deliver the appropriate treatment.

Count On Your Dentist To Fully Address Your Needs After A Dental Injury

Fully addressing your needs after a dental injury means more than just restoring your health (though your well-being is the immediate priority). Your dentist provides modern dental restorations to treat injuries and cavities. As a result, you can have a tooth repaired with material that closely resembles dental enamel, which effectively hides your filling or crown in your smile. These materials offer a combination of durability and cosmetic support, and they can remain in good condition for an extended time period.

Dr. Browne Can Address A Worrying Dental Injury

If you need to see someone about a potentially serious toothache, you should know that Dr. Browne is available. Our practice welcomes people in and around Prairie Village, KS who find themselves in need of emergency dental treatment. If you have questions about the emergency services we offer, or if you would like to set up an appointment, please contact our office today at (913) 901-8585. Our office is glad to meet with people seeking treatment, and we offer a range of preventive and cosmetic services as well.