What You Should Do About A Painful Dental Injury

It can be hard to know exactly when a cavity has formed on your tooth, because you may not feel the effects until it has progressed. When it comes to dental injuries, it can be considerably easier to know when – and how – the problem occurred. The big question that faces a person in this situation is what they need to do in response. If you suffer a painful dental injury, or an injury that damages or dislodges your tooth, you can count on emergency dental care from your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Seek treatment promptly, and take issues like damage and lingering pain as serious concerns. A problem you ignore can worsen, leading to more damage, or even the loss of your tooth!

Tooth Pain After An Injury Could Be A Sign That Your Tooth Is In Trouble

If an injury causes pain, but no damage, should you really treat the situation like an emergency? You might not realize it at first, but lingering pain could be a warning sign – your tooth could have internal problems. Your dentist can provide a root canal treatment to end the matter.

What Can My Dentist Do To Restore The Look Of My Tooth?

The restorative work used to address an injured tooth can have a positive impact on your appearance. Dental crowns are often necessary after an injury, as the structure of your tooth can be seriously compromised by damage. The crown can impersonate your tooth remarkably well. In fact, people can have no idea that you have a restoration in place! In addition to helping you address a problem with your smile, your crown can also allow you to place biting and chewing pressure on your tooth.

Dr. Browne Can Offer Prompt Care For A Painful Dental Injury

A painful injury can demand swift action. Fortunately for residents in and around Prairie Village, KS, Dr. Browne is ready to help! Our practice offers emergency dental care in situations where prompt treatment is needed. If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.